How to Decorate Your Truck Exterior
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How to Decorate Your Truck Exterior? | The Best Truck Exterior Accessories in 2022

Road trips mean a great time behind the wheels. Pretty good! But can you just spare a moment to find what truck exterior accessories you should need to upgrade your truck experience? In this article, you will explore the best practical truck accessories list essential to make your drive smoother, safe, and more enjoyable. Our list of truck accessories includes the outdoor use parts to enhance your truck – as outside matters too! No matter how big your truck is which model you run on roads or how to load your truck carry every day, there are still a few essential accessories that you should update if not done yet! Before we get into the best truck exterior accessories let us overview how these truck exterior accessories enhance the appearance performance or protection of your truck. So how to decorate your truck exterior?

How To Decorate Your Truck – Experience in 05 Different Ways?

Truck exterior decor provides practical benefits in so many ways. These are the 05 ways to decorate your truck exterior to enhance an overall experience. Let’s go: 

1.    Enhance the appearance of your truck:

The truck exterior is the most practical approach to get a new, high-end look to your truck! It’s easy and inexpensive if you know the right truck accessory. It is worth the investment for you and your truck better experience.

2.    Customization:

Customization is the game. It’s great fun to customize your truck as you want. The key is to know the right truck exterior decor accessory and you can replace it with something similar yet better in a quality color that suits your style.

3.    Improve the performance:

The truck exterior does not only upgrade the overall look of your truck but additionally, it improves your truck for the best possible performance. An excellent truck accessory will never let you down in any hurdles on the road. What should you know? The right accessory will save your truck and protect it from bad days – a practical benefit for your truck! 

4.    Increasing value:

If you drive a truck from a popular brand or an upgraded model you just how the value of your truck. Adding exterior is only the one side of the coin, however, protecting and cleaning the exterior decor parts of your truck is also very important. There are also a few popular truck cleaning accessories that will save your truck from dents and scratches and make your exterior decor look clean and new to add value to it.

Best Truck Exterior Accessories List You Should Update in 2022:

1.    Side Mirror for Truck Exterior Body:

So, the first thing on our top truck exterior accessories list is the side mirror for trucks!

 A wing mirror also known as a side mirror is located on the exterior of a truck. These side-view mirrors extend from the sides of the vehicle to help the drivers increase their rearward vision. Through these side mirrors the truck drivers can see the rear end/behind of the vehicle and to the sides of the vehicle. In the blind spot of a driver’s vision, side view mirrors perform as telescopic mirrors to help drivers see outside their peripheral vision.


The best part? You can shop by any brand from Gurukart because we have the largest range of truck exterior and side-view mirrors to upgrade your truck in the way you like.

2.    A Fog Lamp – Fog Truck Light to Cut Through the Fog:

Let’s move to the second most essential truck exterior accessory for your truck’s protection and your own safety. Winters means heavenly fog days! The risks of accidents inclined upwards in climatic disturbance such as fog.



A fog lamp is specifically designed to perform under the worst climatic conditions to make your drive better and safer! Some of you might also think why to install fog lamps when headlights are already there. Headlights tend to accumulate water droplets on their mirror surface and cause vision that is not clear to the human eye.


A blind vision in dark foggy winter mornings and evenings helps you to see the impossible. It will help you drive safely and peacefully.


Get yourself an excellent range of fog lamps for your trucks, for better visibility in unfavorable conditions. Our durable and best-quality fog lamp is the best bet for you.

3.    Truck Mud Guard – Keeping the Mud Miles Away

The third truck essential on our list is what every truck owner needs in the first place. A truck mudguard is an inexpensive investment for the most popular truck exterior accessories. Do you know how important a truck mudguard is?


It all started from driving your truck on slime and mud – can you even imagine walking through a pool of mud from morning to evening. What a heck life! But your truck lives in this. I have seen so many truck drivers investing in the truck’s interior. But is there a way to protect your truck from outside?


Mudguards are excellent accessories to decorate your truck exterior. It has a high performance in protecting your truck expensive parts from dirt mud and grime. These dust particles will often tend to cause rust and corrosion and prevent the damaging of sensitive components of the truck from water, rocks, mud, dirt, salt, etc.


Now you know it’s an absolute necessity! Gurukart helps you to experience hassle-free protection and vehicle maintenance. Our truck mudguards are popular for their durability and for keeping your vehicle in its best shape.

4.    Door Glass – Glass Throughout the Truck:

So, the fourth thing on our top truck exterior accessories list is exterior door glass. It is also known as safety glass for trucks. The safety glass for the windshield mirror and the rare and side windows are made from different types of material.


So, many vehicles utilize tempered glass for rare and door glass and the windshield of most vehicles are made from laminated glass. Although the door glass is made to perform different functions and so their positions are different, they are made for different purposes.


A windshield laminated glass is made to survive in extreme conditions. On the other side, the glass for rare and door glass is tempered so they don’t hurt or damage if they break. The tempered glass is safe for use at the rare end because it breaks in pebble which is not harmful to the human body. Laminated windshields are sometimes protected with UV coating to protect from the sun along with dust, insects, wind, dust, and other elements while you drive safely.


So check our wide range for the two different types of door glass: laminated and tempered because Gurukart is the leading truck spare part industry in Pakistan.

5.    Exterior Body Polish for Trucks:

Lastly, the fifth thing on our top truck exterior accessories list is exterior body polish. If cleaning your truck is your concern, then you should know to decorate your truck exterior you must invest in a thing that makes your truck shine and spark like a new model. Some people just tend to over-accessorize your truck but they do not maintain the perfect body surface.



An exterior body polish is a material that is both abrasive and non-abrasive used with other cleaning substances to protect your truck’s top layer. A body polish for trucks is used when the truck loses its shine and lust due to harsh UV rays and you can see evident damages on the body surface. If your truck is in the worst condition, then give your truck a proper finish and remove all the swirl marks or minor scratches.


Don’t worry! We are here to rescue. Gurukart exterior body polish for trucks is our popular purchase item for all vehicles.




There are numerous accessories to decorate your truck exterior according to your truck make model and vehicle type. However, these are the 05 most essential truck exterior accessories you should update in your vehicle. Gurukart is an online portal for premium truck exterior accessories online at the best lowest prices competitively. We have a wide range of interior and exterior accessories for your truck up-gradation, maintenance, and improved performance and appearance.

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